Our Vision

Assemble equipment you can count on, manned by people you can trust.


Dedicated to exceeding our customer’s expectations while providing the best logistics service to each and every client.

Core Values

  • Safety: The relentless pursuit of safety excellence… How we think, act and execute.
  • Integrity: To be ethical and respectful in everything we do, say and stand for.
  • Excellence: Producing the highest quality work in everything we do that satisfies the diverse needs and exceeds the explanations of everyone that relies on us.
  • Community: Building relationships with those we come into contact with that are based on respect for our diversity and differences and that are enduring and mutually satisfying.
  • Driven: To be based in our decision making, to foster growth(personal, professional and enterprise)
  • Results oriented: to achieve results for both company and customers.

Compliance Policy

Twin Way’s policy is to comply with all applicable import, export, and trade compliance laws in all countries in which we do business.

Our team is trained to be honest and handle customer’s information with utmost confidentiality in order to meet world class standards of doing business.

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